Monday, October 31, 2005

Japanese Mummification Movies

This is the first Japanese Mummification site I have seen. They sell videos and there are even free samples to get an idea. The movies look good as you can see from the screenshot below:

Cocoa Soft Mummification Japan

What is Mummifiction?

Most people know mummification as what the Egyptians did to their leaders (and those that could afford it) after they died in preperation for burial. amoung other things, the body was wrapped in cloth prior to burial.

In bondage, a living person is mummified as a form of restraint. It is a severe form of restraint, essentially encasing the entire body in any number of materials, perhaps leaving strategic spots of the body exposed , as well as providing a way for the victim to breathe.

As with anything, mummification can cause injuries including death. So proceed with caution. Nobody should take the contents of this blog as encouragement to try mummification. It is not for everyone and in the end, each person needs to be responsible for their own actions. At the very least, if something goes wrong, don't even try to blame me!